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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Free Peet's Coffee Sample

Hi and happy summer vacationing everyone:

Peet's Coffee is giving out free samples of their k-cup coffee product. You just need to go to their website and vote and they will decide the location of the next giveaway for the free K-Cup coffee. You'll also be taken to another page where you can print a discount coupon for Peet's coffee. Vote at

Their new K-Cup coffee blends include Decaf House Blend, Cafe Domingo, French Roast, House Blend and Major Dicklason's Blend.  If I were in charge of the coffee flavors, I would also add some flavored coffee such as Hazelnet or French Vanilla.   P.S.: You'll need to have a K Cup coffee machine in order to use these free samples but these machines are quite common now and you'll find one kicking around at your workplace or at home.

P.S. Keep checking Peet's Twitter page as well,, because they will tweet about locations where they're giving out free coffee.

Coffee image courtesy of Habib mhenni, GNU free license.

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