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Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Music MP3 Downloads at Google Store: Janet Jackson, Keith Urban, Billy Idol

I've been jogging outside more because of the nice weather and listening to my iPod Touch while jogging.  Since summer weather is always a good occasion to play more music, I wanted to share some freebies coming to you from the Google Play store. They have these songs available for free download:

Billy Idol - White Wedding

Keith Urban - Til Summer Comes Around
  (Click on the song Til Summer Comes Around on this page)

Janet Jackson - All for You
 (Click on the song All for You on this page).

One more bonus free song:

The Stone Temple Pilots have a free song called "Out of Time", hosted at this music website.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Free U.S. Airways Miles and 10 Free Delta SkyMiles

Hi folks,

If you're craving some free US Air or Delta SkyMiles, you just need to complete a quick online trivia game.

Just go to at these links and LOG IN with your US Airways or Delta Miles account first:

If you answer correctly, you'll get 10 free U.S. Air or 10 Free Delta miles  P.S. the Answers are: True, Thriller, I Have a Dream, An ailing company of high quality traditional men’s shoe manufacturers, Cinderella, and Second stage theatre. Hopefully, the 10 miles will put some of you closer to reach your miles goal for a free or discounted flight!

Image courtesy of K50 Dude, Creative Commons License