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Friday, December 20, 2013

Download the 7 Eleven App and Get a Free Snack or Drink!

I'm getting snow today, here in my hometown (Vancouver, Canada) so I thought it was a great time to take advantage of 7 Eleven's freebie to warm me up.

If you download 7 Eleven's (7-11) free app on your smartphone, you can receive a free hot beverage or snack to keep you energized for the cold snowy days ahead.  For U.S. readers, go to and download and register the 7 Eleven app on your iOs, Android, or Windows smartphone. You'll qualify for a free drink or snack.  As of last summer, 7 Eleven was offering a  Free King Size Reeses candy for U.S. based users of the app.

If you're in Canada, you will receive a Free hot beverage when you download the iOs or Android app at  7 Eleven is conveniently located in most large cities.  For this cold snowy day, I'll be getting a large coffee with my 7 Eleven app.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Entree at IKEA Restaurant ($5.99 Value) When You sign Up for Catalog

Happy Black Friday weekend everyone!

I heard about a great Ikea Freebie: you get a Free entree at IKEA Restaurant (worth $5.99) When you sign up for their Catalog. You need to sign up and then download your coupon at  Then present the coupon to the cashier at the Ikea restaurant to get the free entree. Mmmmm!! I love the Ikea Swedish meatballs!

Hat tip to the Slickdeals forum for posting this deal:

Photo by Ambcinpi, Creative Commons License

Friday, November 22, 2013

12% Off Hotel Bookings at

If you're planning the Christmas and New Year's holiday, Travelocity has a great coupon code that lets you save 12% off Select Hotels. Just go to and enter the coupon code HOT12 and it will apply the 12% discount.  Travelocity says that this is only Valid at qualifying hotels (it should say "promo code eligible") and this coupon code expires November 30, 2013.

It's just amazing how the internet has changed travel bookings and reservations! It has been more than 10 years since I dealed with a travel agent because I do all my bookings online. From a user's perspective, I find that their website is easy to navigate and easy to book the dates I want for flights and hotels.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free Music Downloads from Pringles

Pringles is giving away free mp3 music downloads whenever you buy a can of Pringles chips.  If you're in the U.S., you get 2 free mp3 music downloads from their online store.   You'll need to submit your original receipt (to show you bought the Pringles) and the completed form (download at Pringles says this U.S. offer is valid while supplies last.

If you're in Canada, you get 3 free mp3/music downloads (even more than the U.S. offer!!) with the purchase of a can of Pringles chips.  Just submit your receipt showing the Pringles purchase plus the completed form (  Canadian readers, you'll need to do this soon because this Canadian offer expires on November 30, 2013.

Whether you're in the U.S. or in Canada, Pringles will email the digital download codes to you!
By the way, I used Pringles' music store today and I found that the selection is pretty good. The store is hosted by and they have a broad selection of songs. With one of my Pringles music codes, I downloaded a new David Bowie song.

More Info about the Pringles promo at
and (Pringles Canada).

Pringles photo courtesy of Glane23
(Creative Commons License)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Free Digital Coupon for Colgate Toothpaste at Kroger Stores

Hi everyone,

Kroger has been offering Free Friday Digital Coupons. They offer a new free item every Friday, and often times it has been Free Colgate toothpaste being offered on the coupon. Just go to their link every Friday
and then print it off or save on your smartphone. The coupon is good for 2 weeks from the time you downloaded it.

If you're in Canada, where there are no Kroger stores, just go to this link to get your free Colgate sample:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Free Voucher For Buy One Get One Free Starbucks Refreshers™ Beverage

You can get a voucher to get a buy 1 get 1 free deal for Starbucks Refreshers™ Beverage. Just go to to claim this free voucher. You'll need to get this voucher by 11:59pm September 15.  Then take the voucher to get 2 Refreshers beverages for the price of One!! They come in flavors such as Cool Lime, Very Berry Hibiscus, and Valencia Orange.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Groupon Deal for Quiznos Subs and Sandwiches, 50% Off, or $32 Value for $16!!

Quiznos has an excellent deal thru Groupon. You get $32 Worth of Sandwiches, Subs, and Wraps just for buying this groupon deal for $16!! This groupon deal is for the one in Las Vegas at the corner of Tropicana and Decatur:  but if you go to and search for Quiznos and your local city, you might find one with a similar groupon deal in your area.

If you're in Canada, go to Buytopia to get your Quizno's group buy deal.  For example, you can get a Any Two Regular Subs and Two Regular Drinks ($21 Value at Quiznos) for only $10 thru Buytopia: Note: you'll need to sign up for a Buytopia account in order to get this deal.

By the way, I highly recommend the Black Angus Steak Sub Sandwich at Quiznos. It's delicious!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Free Seattle's Best Coffee at SBC Rubi Kiosks

Seattle's Best Coffee has a new coffee kiosk called Rubi...and they can't wait to give away free coffee to you.  Just use your cell phone/smartphone to send a text to  “BEAN2CUP” (727272) to get a promotion code to use one time only at a Rubi kiosk. These kiosks dispense fresh brewed Seattle’s Best Coffee, Cafe Caramel, Cafe Vanilla, Cafe Mocha and more just by pressing a few buttons.  More info at

Photo by Juan Carlos, used under Creative Commons license.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free SunRype Fruit Strips

Hi everyone:

SunRype is giving out free samples of their Fruit Strips. Just go to their facebook page at and "Like" the page. You can then sign up for the coupon that gives you the free fruit strip.

It's a great snack for a warm summer picnic or summer hiking trip. They come in flavors such as strawberry-banana, wildberry, strawberry-melon, raspberry, and strawberry.  Hmmmm...Is it me or do I see a flavor trend of Strawberry in their list of flavors?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Free Peet's Coffee Sample

Hi and happy summer vacationing everyone:

Peet's Coffee is giving out free samples of their k-cup coffee product. You just need to go to their website and vote and they will decide the location of the next giveaway for the free K-Cup coffee. You'll also be taken to another page where you can print a discount coupon for Peet's coffee. Vote at

Their new K-Cup coffee blends include Decaf House Blend, Cafe Domingo, French Roast, House Blend and Major Dicklason's Blend.  If I were in charge of the coffee flavors, I would also add some flavored coffee such as Hazelnet or French Vanilla.   P.S.: You'll need to have a K Cup coffee machine in order to use these free samples but these machines are quite common now and you'll find one kicking around at your workplace or at home.

P.S. Keep checking Peet's Twitter page as well,, because they will tweet about locations where they're giving out free coffee.

Coffee image courtesy of Habib mhenni, GNU free license.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

25 Free 4 x 6 Photo Prints at Walmart's Photo Website

Hi folks,

Walmart has a great freebie for photo prints. If you sign up for their photo processing service, you'll receive 25 Free 4x6 Prints in the Welcome Email message and it's one hour photo processing for these free prints. Just sign up at   This sure beats having to print photos on your own photo printer and using up your own ink cartridges or toner!   And it's a great opportunity to post your personal photos around the home and at your office work space.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Free General Mills Cereal and granola bars

Hi everyone:

Right now, you can get a free box of New Honey Nut cheerios hearty Oat crunch OR Fiber1 Almond amd  cluster delight (granola bar). Just go to and print off the coupon. PLEASE NOTE that this coupon is redeemable on July 16, 2013 only so remember to use it on this day.  This offer is available in Canada only.

For my American readers, if you want a nice cereal coupon,  you can get a $1 off coupon for  Kashi® GOLEAN® Vanilla Graham Clusters Cereal (13.2 oz.) by printing the coupon from

Granola bar image by Evan-Amos, Creative Commons License

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free Can of Pepsi Next

Hi folks,

Pepsi is giving away a free can of Pepsi Next. You just need to go to and "spin" the wheel, and then enter your name and address info to get the free Pepsi.

Nowadays, it seems that there are fewer places carrying Pepsi (Coke seems to be everywhere) so I'm not surprised that Pepsi is using celebrity endorsements again.  Out of all the celebrities they could have hired to sell Pepsi Next, IT IS INTERESTING that they chose up and coming actor William Levy to pitch this new product...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Music MP3 Downloads at Google Store: Janet Jackson, Keith Urban, Billy Idol

I've been jogging outside more because of the nice weather and listening to my iPod Touch while jogging.  Since summer weather is always a good occasion to play more music, I wanted to share some freebies coming to you from the Google Play store. They have these songs available for free download:

Billy Idol - White Wedding

Keith Urban - Til Summer Comes Around
  (Click on the song Til Summer Comes Around on this page)

Janet Jackson - All for You
 (Click on the song All for You on this page).

One more bonus free song:

The Stone Temple Pilots have a free song called "Out of Time", hosted at this music website.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Free U.S. Airways Miles and 10 Free Delta SkyMiles

Hi folks,

If you're craving some free US Air or Delta SkyMiles, you just need to complete a quick online trivia game.

Just go to at these links and LOG IN with your US Airways or Delta Miles account first:

If you answer correctly, you'll get 10 free U.S. Air or 10 Free Delta miles  P.S. the Answers are: True, Thriller, I Have a Dream, An ailing company of high quality traditional men’s shoe manufacturers, Cinderella, and Second stage theatre. Hopefully, the 10 miles will put some of you closer to reach your miles goal for a free or discounted flight!

Image courtesy of K50 Dude, Creative Commons License

Friday, April 26, 2013

Starbucks 2 for 1 Sale on Tribute blend 1 lb. Coffee and $5.99 on 1 lb. Caffe Verona

Hi folks,
Starbucks® CaffĂ© Verona® Coffee 1-lb. Bag is on sale at for $5.99 and you get free shipping too! The regular price is $12.99 per one pound bag so you get a great deal on this.   You can buy at this link.

For Canadian coffee-holics, Starbucks' Canadian stores have an awesome 2 for the price of 1 sale on 1 lb. whole bean Tribute blend coffee bags. This sale is on until April 28, and they're selling quickly at Canadian Starbucks stores.

Photo courtesy of  T. Oimatsu, used under Creative Commons license.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free Fiber One Bar from Pillsbury

Hi everybody,

Pillsbury is giving out FREE Fiber One Chewy Bars For their Members. This will take place on April 16th! But in order to get this freebie, you have to be a Pillsbury Member by April 15 2013. You can sign up here. If you missed this freebie, don't worry because You can also register up for other future Pillsbury freebies!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Free Caramel Candy Latte at Seattle's Best Coffee

Hi and Happy Easter weekend everybody! I hope you're all enjoying some warm spring weather this weekend.

Seattle's Best Coffee is giving away a  Free Caramel Candy Latte on May 8. You need to go to their facebook page at and vote on your favorite version of the latte.  Then check back on May 8 on the same facebook page to print a coupon for the free latte drink.

Latte photo courtesy of Kenny Louie,
Creative Commons License.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Free Rita's Italian Ice Dessert on March 20

Hi, and I hope you're enjoying and getting ready for spring. Time for spring cleaning, gardening...and free Italian dessert. Rita's Italian ice stores will be giving out free Italian ice desserts on Wednesday, March 20 from 12 pm to 9 pm at all their Rita's locations. These are really delicious and they come in different fruit flavors and they are dairy free.  They use fruit and Italian ice to make their desserts and it's a freebie to celebrate the arrival of Spring!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Free Starbucks Herbal Tea and $5 Free Credit at Starbucks

Starbucks has some fantastic promotions this month. When you register and use a Starbucks card by March 14, 2013, you'll get $5 free!  You need to register at this card registration site at   The Starbucks card is a really convenient way to pay for Starbucks drinks and food and you can even load your Starbucks card on your iPhone or Android device's Starbucks app to pay conveniently for your Starbucks food and drink. This offer is available for Starbucks cards issued in the United States and in Canada.  You will need to put some money on your Starbucks card to get this deal. Basically, you need to load a minimum of $5 on it, register the card at the link above, and then you'll have $10 on the card.

If you're in Canada, you can also get a free Starbucks "Teavana" herbal tea. You need to print the coupon from  and present it to one of the new Teavana shops that Starbucks is opening up in Canada. To find out the location of Teavana shops, just find it at

Sunday, February 10, 2013

American Airlines: 500 Free AAdvantage Bonus Miles!

American Airlines is giving away 500 AAdvantage Bonus Miles (frequent flyer miles) just for doing a survey. You just need to complete the short survey along with your AAdvantage miles account info at

Considering that 25,000 AAdvantage miles are needed for short trip in the U.S., 500 miles will give you 2% towards this goal of 25,000 AAdvantage miles. If you're one of those shoppers who want to earn these miles towards your trip, you know that every little bit helps! Plus, earning these 500 AAdvantage miles will keep your account active because AAdvantage accounts lose their miles if they're inactive for 18 months.

Image courtesy of Makaristos, used under
Creative Commons license.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Free Starbucks Tall Blonde Roast Coffee and a Starbucks Coupon Code

If you're thinking about shopping on Starbucks' U.S. website, you can get a 10% discount by entering the coupon code "STNPWEKD" at their checkout. It has to be your first purchase on their website: if you use a new e-mail address and credit card number, this should qualify as a "first purchase" on their website. Hats off to for providing this great discount code.  You can find more Starbucks-related discounts at

I love doing my computer work and blog writing at Starbucks. Their coffee shops are very cozy and they have good ambience, and I've tried their new Vanilla spice latte, which tastes great.

For my Canadian readers, Starbucks' Canada is giving away Free Starbucks Tall Blonde Roast coffee. You need to sign up for their blonde roast coffee naming contest at and login at this site with your facebook account. Once you've submitted a contest entry for their new blonde roast coffee blend, they'll direct you to a coupon page where you can print the coupon.  Please note that the free blonde roast coffee coupon is good for 1 or 2 days at the most so you'll need to use it right away and this freebie is only available in Canada.

Instant coffee
version of  Starbucks'
blonde roast

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free Purina Plan Dog Food and Coupon for Purina One Premium Dog Food

Hey Dog Lovers:

Petco is currently giving away a Free 13 oz. can of Purina Plan Dog Food. You need to have a Pals reward card (you can get this for free in the store) and present a coupon to them to get the free can of dog food. Coupon can be printed at this Petco link.

While we're on Purina dog food, you can also get a $3 off coupon for Purina One Premium Dog Food at Walmart. Just go to this Walmart promo page and wait for the animated display at the top of the page. Then click on the link "get a $3 Off coupon" to go to the coupon page.

I've been trying different dog treats for my co-worker's greyhound so these Purina products are definitely worthy trying for him.

Dog waiting for owner
in coffee shop.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

$2 Coupon for Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Lotion

It's winter time, so the air is dry and cold outside.  And it seems like the  ideal time for Garnier to be offering a great $2 coupon for their Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days lotion. This lotion is ideal for moisturizing dry hands and skin on those cold winter days. Just go to  to get the coupon. This coupon is only valid in Canada so all you Canadian readers, enjoy the coupon and the lotion!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Music and TV Episodes on Amazon - Coldplay "Clocks" and Downton Abbey

Hi and Happy New Year everybody! This is my first posting for 2013 and I wanted to share with you some amazing freebies from the fine folks at

Amazon is giving away the digital mp3 download of Coldplay's hit song "Clocks".This is one of my favorite songs and yes, it is absolutely free for a limited time only! Get it at    ***Freebie for the Coldplay song "Clocks" has expired, but you can still get the free Downton Abbey episodes (see below).****

If you need some serious British drama, or just want to start watching a new tv series in the new year, then you can watch free episodes of Downton Abbey through Amazon's video service.

The free ones are:
Season 1, Episode 1-
and Season 2, Episode 2 -
They're free to watch through Amazon's digital streaming video, and both are in High Definition too!.

Kind of coincidental that both of these Amazon freebies are British, but they do offer other music and shows that are non-British. Just check their "free" section on a daily basis.

TV image courtesy of Open Clip Art library, used under public domain license.