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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Free TV and Video Game Downloads for the Christmas Holidays - $5 Amazon credit and Walking Dead Game and More

Hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everybody. I am getting ready for Christmas this week and trying to tidy up and un-clutter my living room for guests visiting on December 24.  I found the following freebies that will let you enjoy tv shows and games for the Christmas holidays:

  • Watch Full Showtime TV series Episodes on Roku and also get $5 Amazon Instant Video Credit. If you recently bought a Roku player or received one as a Christmas gift, you can watch certain Showtime Shows Free on your Roku (Homeland, Dexter, Californication, & More). These are edited version but they are free. Just sign up at   Also be sure to register your Roku streaming player with Amazon Instant Video to get $5 worth of Amazon instant video credits towards downloading/ renting your favorite show or movie. This is for first time owners  registering between December 3, 2012 and January 7, 2013. This credit will expire on March 31, 2013. Info at

  • Free Walking Dead 2012 GAME OF THE YEAR game for iOS devices (iPhone, iPads, and iPods). Episode 1 of the Walking Dead: The Game is FREE on the App Store - For a Limited Time Only. You need to have IOS 4.2. I'll need to update my iPod's iOS version in order to get this. This Game looks really cool. Download the game at or search for "Walking Dead 2012 Game Episode 1" in itunes.

  • Get "A Charlie Brown Christmas" iOS App for Free at Starbucks locations. Just pick up the card at a Starbucks locations.  Starbucks put out these download cards  in stores last week so you may need to look around a few Starbucks' stores before you find one. 

Ah, home for the watch your favorite tv shows. TV image courtesy of Open Clip Art library, used under public domain license. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Aveda Invati™ Shampoo and Conditioner

Aveda is giving away a free sample of its Invati™ Shampoo and Conditioner product to the first 2000 people to respond. You just need to go to sign up on their website at   As of today (December 14), they're still giving out free samples of this interesting product but they could be reaching the 2000 giveaway limit soon so hurry!

We're getting close to Christmas, so this shampoo and conditioner product would help your hair look great just in time for that Christmas or New Year's party, so enjoy it!

"Happy Holidays!"
(Photo Copyright of My Bulging Wallet Blog, all rights reserved, 2012)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Aveeno NOURISH+ Shampoo and Conditioner Sample

Aveeno is giving away its NOURISH+ Shampoo and Conditioner Sample. You just need to go to their facebook page at
 and scroll down until you see the green “FREE Sample” button, right below the "Scan my profile" banner. Click on this button and you'll get to a registration page where you can sign up so they can mail you the free sample!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Free L'Oreal Advanced Haircare Sample on Facebook

L'Oreal Paris is giving away free samples of their advanced Haircare product on Facebook. Just go to and "Like" them.  You then see at the bottom of the app that there is a white button that says "SIGN UP FOR A FREE SAMPLE". When you click that button you'll get a form to fill out with your name and mailing address.

This product should be great for the ladies out there.  It seems that L'oreal products are geared mainly towards women but, hey, they're probably good for men's hair too, no? I don't use L'oreal products so I don't know if they're any good, so if you're a male reader who's tried L'oreal products and wants to share your experiences with them, likes/dislikes and all, please post a comment on this page.

Photo by RoyTek, used under Creative Commons License

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner Coupon on Facebook

Ah, facebook, you sure are a great source for giving freebies. You can get a Free Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner by going on their facebook page

The page is in Spanish, but you just need to start scroll down and click on  the big circle button
which says "Muestras Gratis! Click aqui!".

Then fill out the form with your info:
Nombre = Name
Apellido = Last name
Dirección y Código Postal = Address and Zip Code
Escoge Tu Estado = Choose Your State
Escoge Tu Pais = Choose Your Country
¿Eres mayor de 18 años? = Are you over 18?
Fecha de Nacimiento (Mes, Dia, Año) = Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)
Correo Electrónico = Email

Update (Nov. 20, 2012):  the registration form for free sample has
changed slightly. Go to the middle of
the facebook page and under the heading that says "Unete a Nuestra Esperanza!", fill out the form with your first name (Nombre),
Last name (Apellido), and Mailing address (direccion) and they'll mail
the sample to you. Boy those Spanish lessons that I took years ago really comes in handy on this Spanish sign up page!

Shampoo samples are pretty handy so I hope you enjoy yours!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

FREE Kashi Chocolate Soft-Baked Squares thru Facebook

The good folks at Kashi are giving out their Chocolate Soft-Baked Squares on their Facebook page.
Just go to to request the free chocolate
baked square sample.  They're giving out 12,000 of these samples everyday. If you go to their facebook page and they run out, just come back the next day to get the sample.

You can also find more info about this promo at this facebook link.

Photo of Chocolate fudge squares courtesy of  Jolene Van Laar, used under Creative Commons License.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Free Sample of Cream of Wheat Cereal (Chocolate Flavor!)

Cream of Wheat is giving out a Free Sample of Cream of Wheat Chocolate flavor cereal. Just go
to their facebook page at
and "Like" their page. This will get you to a sign up page to get the free Cream of wheat.  Chocolate
flavored Cream of Wheat is definitely a great idea as it really livens up the flavor for this great
and time-tested hot cereal!!

Cream of wheat photo courtesy of Stilfehler, used under Creative Commons license.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free Mini Cinnamon Bun (Minibon) from Cinnabon

Cinnabon is giving out a Free Minibon (mini cinnamon bun) with coupon when You sign up online and Join their EClub. Just sign up at and they'll mail you the coupon for the free minibon.  Maybe they could market a spray for their fresh baked cinnamon bun smell and then I could have this smell in my own home.

 Cinnamon buns image courtesy of grongar, used under Creative Commons license. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

McDonald's Coupons for a Free Tea, Soft Drink, or McCafe Coffee

If you're feeling a bit blue that your summer vacation is over, at least find some comfort that McDonald's restaurants have great freebies to help you along your work or back-to-school routine.

For my readers in the eastern U.S., you can get a FREE McDonald's Large Sweet Tea or Soft Drink just by signing up at This freebie's available in Participating stores in Western PA, Eastern OH, Northern and Central WV, Northern MD only.

For my Canadian readers, you can get a free small McCafe drink (Cappucchino, latte, etc.) or a coupon for buy One Get One Free sandwiches (Big Mac, etc.) by printing the coupons at

I notice that some of the McDonalds restaurants here have been re-modeled with nice seats and tasteful lighting. It's safe to say that you'll find a McDonalds restaurant that's close to your daily commuting route or workplace.

McDonald's photo by René Sinn, used under Creative Commons license.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Free Large Coffee, Latte, or Cappuchino at 7-11 Stores on Sept. 28, 2012

7-eleven stores will be celebrating national coffee day by giving out a free large size coffee, latte or cappuchino from 6 to 10am on September 28, 2012 only.  Their giveaway  last year was a medium, but this year, they'll be giving out a large!

Coffee cup photo courtesy of  T. Oimatsu, used under permission of Creative Commons license.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Sample of Honey Nut Cheerios

Wow, it has been amazing how fast this summer has gone by.  Soon, it will be time to pick up the groceries and send the kids back to school.  Well, at least Cheerios can help you with the cereal part because they're giving out free samples of their Honey Nut Cheerios.

To get the free sample, just follow them daily on twitter at or check out their Buzz website at and they will post a daily link to sign up for the free Honey Nut Cheerios sample. Once the daily sample link is posted, you do need to sign up quickly because they give out a limited number of samples each day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Free Nescafe Momento Instant Coffee Packs

Nescafe is giving out free samples of its NESCAFÉ® MEMENTO™ instant coffee packs. Just sign up with your name and address at and they'll mail you TWO NESCAFÉ MEMENTO stick packs and a coupon to Save $1.00 on your next purchase of any NESCAFÉ MEMENTO product. Nescafe keeps adding interesting new flavors to their instant coffee line-up. These Momento samples include Caramel Latte and Mocha flavor. And they're very convenient to pack in your lunchbag or purse!!

Coffee cup Photo courtesy of Juan Carlos, used under Creative Commons license.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Buy One Get One Free Sandwich at Arby's Restaurant

Arby's Canadian locations have a great Buy One Get One Free Coupon for their Great Canadian Sandwich. Just go sign up on their mailing list at and they'll email
you the coupon.   Arby's has a lot of their restaurants in malls and other convenient locations. This sandwich has roast beef that's been oven-roasted, and includes lettuce and tomatoes.  Sounds delicious!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FREE $2 MP3 Music Download Credit on

Pepsi and have an awesome freebie get a free MP3 music download on The procedure is:
1. Log on to your Twitter account and make sure you are following Pepsi (start following if you are not currently following).
2. Tweet "#PepsiMusicNOW"
3. Then check your Direct Message Inbox (in your Twitter account) for a code from Pepsi.
4. Go to an Amazon song download and click on the link that says  "Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance" and then enter your code (valid for $1.29 MP3).

There are only a limited number of free mp3 download codes each week so if you miss out, just check back each Tuesday (preferably, early on a Tuesday) because a new set of codes reactivate every Tuesday. 


MP3 Player image courtesy of Paranomia, used under Creative Commons License.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Free $5 GAP gift card through Your Smartphone is giving out a free $5 GAP gift card that you can use through Your Smartphone. If you're not sure what Wrapp is, it's a fun and easy way to give free and paid gift cards to your Facebook friends.

You need to have an iphone or Android Phone. You can download the Wrapp app to get a free $5 GAP gift card at   Just be sure to download the Wrapp app in your smartphone and then click on the little wallet that's on the right hand side. The $5 should be there. ONLY CLICK ''Use it Now'' if you are ready to use it! Or else you'll lose it (best to do this at the Gap cashier's desk).  This gift card is good for 30 days. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free Ovaltine Chocolate Bar Sample

Ovaltine has a new chocolate bar product and they're giving them out via facebook. Just go to and "Like" them on their facebook page.  Once you've liked them, it'll take you to an online mailing form where you can fill in your mailing information. They'll mail you a free sample of the Ovaltine chocolate bar within a few weeks after you've completed the form.

It's interesting that Ovaltine is now going into chocolate bar. It definitely makes sense because the
original ovaltine malt drinks also taste "chocolatey", and their other drinks also contained chocolate.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut on June 1st

June 1st will be a  highly anticipated day Krispy Kreme is giving out a free Doughnut on June 1st 2012, which is national doughnut day. Krispy Kreme says that you  "On Friday, June 1 stop in to any participating Krispy Kreme US shops for a FREE doughnut of any variety. No purchase necessary"
Info at
If you can't decide which doughnut you want, then hop on over to this informal poll about the best Krispy Kreme donut:   Let me know if you think the poll is accurate or not.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free Waffle at Waffle House Restaurant

For the month of May, Waffle House Restaurant has a coupon for a free waffle. You need to print the coupon at
and present it at a Waffle House Restaurant.  The coupon expires May 23, 2012.

Is it me or did Waffle house deliberately build their restaurants at strategic highway locations? Their conveniently located enough that a lot of folks stop by them during lunch breaks, even government workers:

Waffle image courtesy of Parkerman & Christie, used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coupon for a Free Tall Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Canada is giving away a free tall brewed coffee when you purchase a bag (226g or 340g) of Starbucks coffee from your local grocery store in Canada.  You just need to
print the coupon  at
and bring the coupon with your grocery receipt to your local Starbucks to get  your free
coffee. This offer is valid until June 15, 2012.

If you're a regular Starbucks coffee lover, this is a great opportunity to earn a free Starbucks coffee in exchange for one that you buy at the supermarket or grocery store.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Free Panera Bread Pastry

Panera Bread bakeries have a free membership card where you can receive a free Pastry. The membership card has a Coupon that's connected to the card and it is valid for 30 days from the time you register. In order to get this freebie, you need to register the membership card at their website

I also heard that when you register for birthday surprises, you'll get another free item coupon loaded on your card around the time of your birthday.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Free Shanghai Angus Steak Dish at Panda Express Restaurants (April 17 Only)

Hey everyone:

Happy Easter weekend to all of you. Panda Express will be giving out a free single serving of its new premium entree, "the Shanghai Angus Steak" at their restaurant locations.  They advertise this new dish as a thick cut slice of Angus top sirloin that's marinated in Asian seasonings, and wok-seared to perfection with asparagus, mushrooms and onions.

This freebie is billed as "a delicious return on Tax Day, April 17". You can only get this free dish by printing their facebook coupon and presenting the coupon at any Panda Expess location on April 17, 2012.  You can download the coupon by "Liking" Panda Express on their Facebook starting on April 11:  More info about this freebie at

Beef dish photo, courtesy of Craig Dugas, under Creative Commons license.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Free Marley Coffee Sample

Marley Coffee has a great offer for a free sample of their delicious coffee. Just sign up at their page at  On their page they said that you have to wait about 1 to 2 weeks and they'll notify you when the have more free coffee samples.

I've read some good reviews of their coffee so this is definitely worth trying. Interestingly enough, this coffee company was started by Bob Marley's son, Rohan Marley.  The only stipulation is that this offer is only available to permanent residents of the lower 48 states and you need to be 18 years of age or older.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free Fountain Drink at Thorntons Gas Stations

Currently, Thorntons gas stations and convenience stations are offering a Free Fountain Drink
with coupon. This is part of their facebook promotion ( but you can just download the coupon directly at

Thornton's stores are located mainly in the midwest in states such as IL, IN, KY, OH, and Tennessee.  The coupon expires 6/1/12. While filling up with gas is expensive these days, at least you'll get a free drink out of it!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Free Lindt Chocolate on March 8

Lindt Chocolate Stores  are celebrating their first ever Gold Bunny Day.  So if you visit your local Lindt Chocolate store on March 8th, you'll receive a free chocolate gold bunny. Just make sure you're the among the first 500 customers who walk into the store: 500 FREE Lindt Gold Bunny figures will go to the first 500 customers through their doors.  More info about this great freebie at

Hooray for free chocolate! And Lindt chocolate is certainly one of the most delicious.

Photo courtesy of Lali Masriera/Jamie Cullum, under Creative Commons License.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream on April 3

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Shops will be giving away a free ice cream cone on April 3rd. This freebie is meant to celebrate their 34th year Anniversary. On their website (, they mentioned that they've been doing this freebie since their First Year Anniversary in 1979. This freebie begins at opening time and ends at closing on April 3rd, 2012.

By the way, Ben and Jerry's has a history of supporting great charitable causes. For example, they've supported the American Red Cross: They really are one of class acts of the corporate world.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

BONUS 25,000 HBC Rewards Points Coupons for February

If you're planning to shop at the Bay, Home Outfitters or Zellers stores this month, be sure to use the following coupons to get Bonus HBC Rewards Points:

You can earn 25,000 HBC reward points with a minimum of $15 before-tax purchase:

You can earn 10,000 HBC reward points with a minimum of $25 before-tax purchase:

These coupons are valid until February 29, 2012 and you can only use each coupon once with your HBC reward points account.  Keep in mind that normally you would have to spend $500 in order to earn 25,000 HBC points. So just by using the 25,000 HBC reward points coupon above, you'd be already one thirds of the way to getting a $10 HBC gift card (80,000 points are need to earn a $10 HBC gift card).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free Bagels at Bruegger's Bakeries - February 9 Only

Bruegger's Bakery has a coupon for 3 Free Bagels on February 9 only from store opening until 2 pm.  You'll need to print the coupon at and present it in-store on Feb. 9 before 2 pm. This promo is to celebrate their birthday bash.  These free bagels would make a great snack or breakfast

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Redbox has Coupon for 1 Free DVD Rental

Redbox has a free 1 night DVD rental with coupon code "BREAKROOM". You must enter This code at the kiosk.  Other users have reported that the code DVDATWAG also works, but DVDDATWAG can only be used once per credit/debit card.

Redbox has convenient DVD rental kiosks at shopping centres and at drugstores, and their rentals are $1.50 a day for Blu-ray Discs and $2 a day for games. Great value!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starbucks Giving Out Free Blonde Roast Coffee Samples

The friendly folks at Starbucks are giving away free samples of their new Blonde Roast coffee.  Just drop by your nearest Starbucks and ask them for a sample of the Blonde Roast coffee, and they'll give you a free tasting of the Blonde Roast Coffee or give you a  free brew sample or free Via sample of  the Blonde Roast coffee along with coupons. The Blonde Roast coffee comes in 3 varieties: Starbucks® Veranda Blend™, Starbucks® Willow Blend™ and Starbucks® Decaf Willow Blend™.   More info at

I picked up a free Via sample of the Blonde Roast (see photo below) and I like its aroma and texture very much. I prefer the lighter roast of coffee compared to the darker roasts at Starbucks. It looks like the free sampling is ongoing in January in U.S. and Canadian Starbucks stores, and in February 2012, Starbucks will also add the Blonde Roast to its menu of brewed coffee in tall, grande, venti, etc. sizes.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free Skittles Candy at Murphy USA Gas Stations

Hi folks:

Happy New Year to all of you. The first online freebie that I found in this new year is that Murphy USA gas stations are giving away free Skittles candy.  You'll need to go to their website at and login to print the coupon. If you can't view the coupon, you'll need to click on the link that says "Register for Murph-e offers" and create your own online account, and then you can view the coupon.  Plus, when you register for the Murph-e offers, you'll get emailed some great freebies and deals from Murphy gas every month. And the people at Murphy gas are pretty good about giving out free drinks and snacks each month.

That's it: this blog's first freebie of the new year. I hope you find health, happiness, and whatever else you're looking for in this new year 2012.